!!!!WILL MARK BRAINLIEST IF CORRECT AND IF YOU ANSWER ALL PARTS OF QUESTION! SHOW WORK PLEASE!!!!!2. A cube-shaped aquarium has edges that are 3 ft long. The aquarium is filled with water that has a density of 62 lb/ft^3(a) Should the aquarium be placed on a table that can support a maximum weight of 200 lb? Explain why or why not.(b) Would the density of the water change if the aquarium was only half full? Explain.

Accepted Solution

(a) NO.
  The table will support a little over 3 ft³ of water. The volume of the aquarium is (3 ft)³ = 27 ft³, substantially larger. Hence the weight of the filled aquarium is substantially more than the table can support.

(b) NO.
  The density of water (mass per volume) at a given temperature is substantially constant. That is, water is regarded as an "incompressible fluid." (Water does compress so that its density increases very slightly at extreme depth, but the effect is not measurable over a depth of 1.5 to 3 feet.) Temperature has a much greater effect on the density of water than does depth.