The Apache Taxi Company charges $2.50 to pick up a passenger and then adds $1.95 per mile. Isaac was charged $27.46 to go from one city to another. If x represents the number of miles driven by the taxi, which linear equation can be used to solve this problem, and how many miles did Isaac travel, rounded to the nearest tenth?

Accepted Solution

This is just a simple case of substitution and solving for the m which is the number of miles. Take the equation F = 2.25 + 0.20 (m-1). According to the given, the fare, or the F is 6.05 so with that, we can already solve the equation. this will be 6.05 = 2.25 + 0.20 (m-1). After that, all we have to do is just solve for the m. If we would solve for the m, we will end up with a final answer of 20. So all in all, the taxi was able to travel 20 miles on the 6.05 fare of Juan